Wacky Pest Wednesday: Assassin Bug

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Good Wednesday to you, Tri-County Pest Control fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday.  This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at the assassin bug.

The assassin bug is a member of a group of insects that are not well known overall.  Typically, these bugs will start to come out in the summer months to feed on other insects wandering about.  From cockroaches to spiders and even small frogs, these bugs tackle them all.  Equipped with a deadly venom that will literally liquefy the innards of its prey, the assassin bug makes for a very tough predator.

While assassin bugs tend to distance themselves from human contact, they will attack a person if they feel brave or hungry enough.  Now don’t worry, as their venom will do no great harm to your body, but if bitten, be prepared to don a painful red lump for a few weeks.

Due to their predatory nature, assassin bugs can be a danger if found inside.  They are opportunistic critters, and will wait until you fall asleep to feed on you.  Some assassin bugs carry the Chagas disease, which if left untreated, can lead to several health complications such as heart failure.

To guard your family and home from the assassin bug this summer, give us a call for an inspection and preventative treatment solutions.  In no time, you’ll have a shield of security around your home, ready to keep out the assassin bugs for good.  Don’t wait, give us a call today!

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