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Life becomes easier in the summertime, both for people and pests.  With more people outside, bugs have more opportunities to bite and sting, especially late at night.  Bug bites are going to happen, but when they do, we want you to be prepared with these easy at-home remedies to take the edge and the itching off of whatever bite you have been subjected to.

When a pest bites, your body’s immediate reaction will be to swell up the area where you’ve been bit as a defensive tactic.  As you know, this swelling, can cause much irritability and discomfort.  One of the simplest ways to reduce swelling is with cold compression—grab an ice cube out of the freezer and put it directly on the bite.  As the ice cube melts, it will reduce the amount of swelling on your leg, decreasing the size of the bite while providing some cooling relief to your itchy skin.   

Ice is fantastic for reducing swelling, but it is by no means a cure-all, as some itching will remain after it has melted.  There are several other all-natural gentle remedies to reduce the itchiness associated with bug bites, such as honey, tea bags, banana peels and calamine lotion.  Honey has been used as a natural medicine for ages, and so long as you don’t mind getting a little sticky, honey will do wonders on any bite.  The same goes for tea bags—soak them in a little bit of cool water and apply directly to the skin.  Banana peels will also do the trick, albeit nontraditionally—rub the peel directly on the bite and let the natural antimicrobial properties take effect.  If none of these three options appeal to you, then simple calamine lotion will do the trick; feel free to reapply as needed.

Home remedies are great for simple bites, but they will be of no use if you are having an allergic reaction.  Experiencing trouble breathing, dizziness, hives, and a rapid pulse after a bug bite are all symptoms of an allergic reaction, and you should be seen by a doctor right away.

Bug bites are unpleasant, but these home remedies can make them more bearable and can actually aid in the healing process.  Bites come with the territory of summer—they’re inevitable—but you can control how many bug bites you will have.  By talking to a pest control agency, like Tri-County Pest Control,  and setting up a regular maintenance schedule, you can keep the nasty bugs out of your backyard all summer long.  To see how we can reduce the amount of biting and stinging bugs in your yard, give us a call today!    

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