Wacky Pest Wednesday: Ants

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Hey there all of you Tri-County Pest Control fans and welcome to our newest Wacky Pest Wednesday – where we will share with you all some wild facts we have come across from the pest world we have been entrenched in for more than three decades.

Today’s Wacky Wednesday Pest Fact focuses on the ants. Enjoy!

Ants are known to do some crazy things, but these few particularly stand out in our heads as truly ‘wacky’.

Did you know that ants actually cannot chew their food. In order to ‘eat’, they must move their jaws sidewards. They also have the ability to communicate with each other regarding danger or providing directions to where food is.

This fact we found especially wacky – when an ant is either disturbed or excited, they can run with their abdomens high over their heads. Now, that takes skill!

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