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Winter storm Jonas sure did a number on the entire Northeast region this weekend, with snow piling up as high as 40 inches in some states. With snow everywhere and power outages abundant, it was easy to think that you were totally disconnected from the outside world. However, no matter how cut-off you feel from the outside world, you never have to feel alone again, even in the worst of times—a new study conducted by a handful of American entomologists revealed that the average American home contains over 100 different species of invertebrates.

The study conducted in North Carolina surveyed 50 homes in the span of a few weeks, and researchers went through the house without pulling up any flooring or moving any furniture. What they found was astonishing: 579 arthropods, which are invertebrates such as spiders and other insects. At the conclusion of the study, they found that each home contained an average of 100 species of arthropods, with the most common ones being spiders, beetles, ants, and book lice. 65% of these homes also had cobweb-producing spiders.

The interesting thing about this study, however, was that most of the creatures discovered, really weren’t pests at all.

Take the house centipede, for example. In homes where a house centipede was present, the beetle population was significantly lower than in other homes, and the centipede is forced to hunt for food. This is what is called in biology mutualism. The centipede takes shelter in your home, but then pulls its end of the bargain by hunting down pests that can really bother you. The same goes for certain species of spiders found.

Mutualistic partnerships between you and other animals can be just as effective as preventative pest treatments with chemicals, if not more effective. We have written several other articles too about how some “pests” are not really pests, so please feel free to check those out at your leisure. Studies like these just go to show that animals will always find a way into your home, but there are ways to stop pests from entering.

Whether it’s soliciting the help of a humble house centipede (by not killing it at first sight) or by calling your friendly neighborhood Tri-County Pest Control when you see a suspicious critter, you can keep the pests out.


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