Wacky Pest Wednesday: Millipedes

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Hey there all of you Tri-County Pest Control fans and welcome to our newest Wacky Pest Thursday – where we will share with you all some wild facts we have come across from the pest world we have been entrenched in for more than three decades.

Today’s Wacky Thursday Pest Fact focuses on millipedes. Enjoy!

When it comes to a species of pest that is “all-leg” – millipedes are your insect!

In fact, did you know that one species of millipede actually has 333 pairs of legs – talk about cheating on your daily 10,000 step goal!

Some other species of millipedes can create a fluid that is toxic to small pets and animals and can even cause blistering on some humans! Strangely enough, these pests aren’t fans of the indoors because they best thrive and survive in trash piles, leaves, and grass clippings.

However, the coolest – if not weirdest fact about millipedes is that according to some fossil evidence, millipedes are actually reported to be the first living and breathing creature to make its way from water  to land – dating back a whopping 428 million years!

Wow, now that’s old!

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