Tri-County Pest Control warns of signs of stinging pests come spring

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While we are still in the grips of winter’s stronghold we cannot lose sight that spring (yes, spring) will be here in less than three weeks (hooray, hooray).

The spring brings many welcome things for our sore eyes and frozen limbs including blooming flowers and plants, the return of green grass and the welcome sounds of life again after a long hibernation.

However, spring also brings the awakening of a group of stinging pests.

As you’re doing your spring cleaning, we encourage you to walk your property and look for any signs of wasp and bees nests – we know, it sounds strange. However, the thaw is coming and you’ll want to nip these potent pests in the bud (or nest, as it were) as the icicles are melting around you.

Look in your attics and any outdoors buildings you may have. Stinging pests are apt to hide in rafters and vents. These areas are optimal breeding grounds for these types of pests.

However, if you do spot one of these stinging pest shelters, we highly recommend you call us and we’ll send out one of our Tri-County Pest Service Technicians to remove the nests for you. This is a job that should be reserved for highly-trained experts. We’ll take the sting out of it for you!

So, folks, hold on tight – Spring will be here soon. Be thoroughly prepared for the thaw and the pests it can bring by calling us for a preventative appointment today.



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