Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: Fleas

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Welcome to our latest edition of a “Tri-County Pest Control Q&A”. As many of you have welcomed dogs and cats as part of your family, you may also have unknowingly invited unwanted guests that have used your beloved pets as transportation. Yes, we’re talking about fleas.

While many people believe it’s prime flea time in the Spring and Summer months, these pesky finite predators have actually become more rampant in the Fall season of late. Here, we’ll explore just why that is and how we can remediate this issue for you.

Why am I seeing higher occurrences of fleas now than in the warmer months? Fleas are known to be attracted to moisture, and the Autumn brings (on average) higher levels of precipitation. In addition to more moisture, because your pet’s coat will come in thicker in the Fall, it is more difficult to rid them of fleas.

Why may it be difficult to control the flea issue myself? Fleas reproduce at extremely rapid speeds. Fleas can lay their eggs on carpets, furniture, and on your pets themselves. Up to 50 eggs can be laid daily, and they usually hatch within 10 days.

Are fleas dangerous to my pets? Fleas are more than just pesky, they can cause healthy issues in your pets that include tapeworms, hair loss and flea allergy dermatitis.

Are they harmful to humans? Yes. In addition to the itchy, raised bites they can cause themselves, fleas are also carry a variety of viral, bacterial and rickettsial diseases to humans.

Outside of consulting my vet, what can Tri-County do to help rid my life of fleas? We believe effective flea control must consist of a three pronged attack: eliminate the population of adult fleas, eliminate all other stages of the flea life cycle, eliminate fleas in the lawn and garden. We also offer flea treatment for existing problems inside or outside of the home. We also seasonal exterior treatments to reduce the number of fleas in your yard.

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  • Claudine Galbraith

    My cats and we humans are going crazy with the fleas. I’d like to know what you would charge to get rid of these damn things! I’ve also have ants in the upstairs bathroom. I’d like to end that before they multiply! Please contact me as soon as possible! I want this DONE! (609)***-****

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