Meet the Tri-County Pest Control Staff: Brian Royce

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Hi everyone and welcome to this week’s “Meet the Tri-County Staff”. Today, we are featuring Brian Royce. We invite you to learn more about him now. Enjoy!

Name: Brian Royce.

Where do you live? New Jersey.

How long have you been with Tri-County Pest Control? Six years.

What is your position with Tri-County Pest Control? IPM Specialist.

What do you like most about working for Tri-County Pest Control? We have a sense of family here. Everyone is very supportive of each other and always there when needed to help out in business or personal situations.

What you do like to do in your spare time when you’re not at work? I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife and incredible son. Coaching as well.

Please check back next week for our next “Meet the Tri-County Staff” highlight, and don’t forget to call us for all of your pest control needs!

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