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As our headquarters is geographically located in the heart of Salem County, New Jersey, known for open land and farming, we are quite educated on the horse fly.

The horse fly most likely was branded with its name because they are common pests of horses and other types of mammals. They are generally located in rural areas near bodies of water – which also serve as their breeding site.

Want to know a little bit more about these types of pests? We thought we’d share with all of you our knowledge of dealing with horse over the course of our last 30-plus years in the pest control business.

What are some habits of the horse fly? This type of fly is very quick and are capable of flying of more than 30 miles. They are apt to attack moving objects as well. They like to rest on paths in wooded areas, where they wait for potential hosts. They will also be attracted to light and will sometimes also hang out around windows.

What are they threats to? Though adults males enjoy feeding on nectar, females need blood before they can reproduce. Their bites can prove to be especially painful and other times, they will continue to bite until they are successful in drawing blood.

If you notice horse flies on your property or have experienced their painful bites, call the experts here at Tri-County to eradicate the infestation before it truly gets out of hand.

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