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Every once in a while, we like to share with our customers and clients some fun facts and other, little known information about the pest world we live in. Today, we’d like to educate everyone one some of the longest-surviving bugs known to man.

Here is the Tri-County Pest Control list of oldest-living (on average) bugs:

  • The Wood Boring Beetle – These beetles, in their adult form, can survive up to 50 years. It was once reported that a beetle came from home timber more than 47 years after it was initially cut!
  • Queen termite – A queen termite, which can lay approximately 30,000 eggs per day, can also live to up to 50 years and are usually the oldest in the colony.
  • Queen Ant (Western Harvest) – This queen of an ant has the ability to live up to 40 years – all indoors.
  • Cicadas – With the majority of their lives being spent underground in what’s called the “nymph” stage, they can last up to 17 years. Once they emerge from the earth to mate – they typically last only a few weeks before they perish.
  • Black Garden Queen Ant – This Ant queen live survive up to a decade, mating only once.
  • Giant Burrowing Cockroach – The largest and by far heaviest cockroach (some measuring as large as a human hand) survive 10 years as well.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about these pests and the fun facts that accompany them.

Remember, if you ever suspect an infestation of any type of pest, don’t delay in calling the experts here at Tri-County!



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