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With the advent of September comes the rush of yet another football season among us.  Whether you’re a professional, college, or even just a local high school fan, football—and all the activities that come with it—makes for a great time for bonding.  Tailgating is a cornerstone of such an event, but some pests may want to join the party.  However, with some simple tips, you can cut these pests down to size, and have a pest-free tailgating experience.

Of all the critters that can come and ruin your next tailgate, stinging buggers are the worst.  Insects such as wasps, yellow jackets, and even some bees still remain active during the transition from summer to fall.  Since one sting has the ability to put a damper on your entire tailgate, try to keep lids on all sugary drinks being served, as they are all attracted to it.  In addition, try to save desserts for last, as they are a hotspot for these critters to gather.  Should one find its way over to your tailgate, don’t swat at it, as it can become agitated and extremely hostile.  Instead, have you and a few other people start snapping—the sound will drive the insect crazy, and it’ll be forced to fly away.

Along with stinging insects, mosquitoes are still out and about, albeit in lesser numbers than the summer.  The best mosquito prevention is to wear clothes that cover your body entirely, such as pants and a long-sleeve shirt.  However, if the heat is unbearable to be wearing that, try some insect repellant with DEET in it, as it has been proven to ward off mosquitoes.  Eliminating any source of open water, and any open sweets, are also another sure-fire way to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Tailgates are great, but pests are not.  No matter what you’re watching or who you’re supporting this season, we want you to be protected from anything that nature might throw your way.

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