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You may have recently heard in the news about the new types of ticks spreading northward, some carrying a wide array of diseases that we are not used to in our Mid-Atlantic region.  From the powassan virus to the tick that can make you allergic to red meat with just one bite, it is essential now, more than ever, to stay vigilant in tick defense.  Thankfully, you have little to fear so long as you use common sense in the outdoors.  Join us today, as we go over some of those simple things to keep you tick-free this summer.

Know Before You Go

Ticks occupy a variety of habitats, but they are more common in wooded and grassy areas than on the beach.  That being said, know where you are going before you head out, so you can properly prepare for defense.

Cover Up

If you know you will spending your day on a hike, be sure to cover up all parts of your body that can be exposed.  Pants and long sleeves are essential, since they limit the surface area that a tick can latch onto.  Now, there’s no reason to throw on your winter sweater, as there are plenty of options out there for lightweight fabric to keep you covered and cool while out.  Also, while it is common sense, closed-toe shoes are a must.

Spray Down

Bug spray can often be a hit-or-miss for stopping pests, but so long as you have the right one, it can work wonders for keeping ticks off.  You are going to need a spray with DEET in it, and the higher concentration the better.  Most outdoors sprays have this chemical in it, and this is what is going to keep the ticks off of you.  So, spray your clothes before heading out on the hike, or spray any exposed part of you body that may come in contact with ticks.

Check All Around

After a day in the outdoors, it is vital that you check your body for ticks all around.  There is no reason to panic if one has already bitten you, but the sooner you remove the better, as there is less of a chance of it transmitting a disease your way.  Within a few minutes of getting back home, throw your clothes into the dryer on high heat for 10 minutes (this will kill any remaining ticks) and check your entire body, emphasizing your scalp, waist, armpits, and groin.  Should you find one, simply pull it off with some rubbing alcohol and a pair of tweezers, and be sure to disinfect the bite site afterwards.

While you can’t get rid of the ticks in the outdoors, you can severely lessen the chance of a bite, or worse, an infection.  Simple sense is all you need to remain tick-free this summer!

For more tips, or to set up a tick-prevention plan on your property, give us a call today!

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