Staggering Statistics of Pests in your Home

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Even when you feel like you’re home alone, you are never quite alone.  Truth be told, there is a staggering amount of bugs inside of your home—and while it may be gross to think about—it’s important to know so that you can be better informed about your pest defense strategies.  Keep on reading to find out how many bugs you share your home with and what it means for you!

In a 2016 study, researchers found that in the 50 houses they surveyed, there were about 579 different types of critters inside.  Now, what are these critters? Well, they’re mainly arthropods—a fancy term to describe invertebrate bugs with an exoskeleton.  In practice, you may think of arthropods as essentially your run-of-the-mill pests which include beetles, cockroaches, spiders, lice, and centipedes, just to name a few.

Ok, so 579 different types of critters is a lot, but unfortunately the statistics do not get any better.  Indeed, the study found that the average home has about 100 arthropod species, and about 65% of homes have cobweb producing spiders.  Yet, this part about the study will most likely shock you, and it’s the part which we want to drive home: of all of the homes included in the study, they were all categorized as “clean and normal.”  Therefore, even the homes which appeared to be very clean on the inside were still found to have bugs of all sorts and sizes on the inside. It just goes to show that even the cleanest of homes may still have a pest problem.

Alright, so now you’re definitely skeeved out, but what does this mean for you?  First and foremost, the lesson we’d like you to take away is that even the cleanest of homes may still have a pest problem, which is why performing regular checks on your weatherstripping and devising a pest defense plan is paramount for preventing an infestation before one happens.  In addition, this lesson should show you that in order to limit the chances of a pest infestation, you should be doing your best to clean up messes and other sickly-sweet things the moment that they happen, as it may be enough to bring all of those bugs hiding in your home out and about.  There may be plenty of bugs in your home, but by keeping up and devising a pest-defense plan with a professional company, you can ensure that they will not be a problem.

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