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Among all of the things that come back to life in the spring, the return of the termite can have some of the most devastating consequences.  These critters will eat just about anything made of wood, from that old tree stump in the yard, to your deck, and even the foundation of your home.  So, to help stop the mass invasion of termites this season, we have provided a few quick tips that will help keep these wood-munchers away from what’s important to you.

Springtime brings out the gardener or landscaper in most people, but some actions caused by gardening or landscaping can exacerbate a termite infestation.  For example, by placing mulch up against your home, termites can use it as cover to get to your home, as it makes for a tasty meal.  If possible, try to opt for a rubber-mulch substitute instead of wood, as it will be less appetizing to termites, while still looking good next to your home.  However, if you are insistent on using wood mulch, just make sure that there are no cracks or holes in the siding that you are bordering, and that the weather stipping (if applicable) is in good condition.  By making sure that your home is secure, you take away termite entry-points, effectively diminishing your chances for an infestation.

Also, if your landscaping adventures leads to the removal of any trees on your property, make sure that you also remove the stump.  Termites love themselves a good stump—it’s easy pickings with a lot to go around.  Taking out the stump will deprive termites of a food supply, making them less likely to multiply near your home.  Less termites equals less of a chance for an infestation.

In addition, when you embark on your spring yard-work, be sure to clear any and all brush, dead trees, and stray wood from your yard.  Termites will burrow in all of them, and use them as a bridge to get to into your home.  

At the end of the day, however, even the best defense still has some flaws in it.  Should you find yourself faced with a nasty termite infestation, whether it be in your deck or your foundation, just know that you’re in good hands with Tri-County Pest Control.  By employing high-tech pest solutions, we’ll have those termites removed in no time.  Give us a quick call anytime to set up a termite inspection or assured termite eviction.

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