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Hey there Tri-County Pest Control fans—the spring equinox is tomorrow!  We know that you’re probably excited for spring to officially be here, but before we get there, we want to give you a seasonal outlook of what to expect in terms of pests.  Keep on reading to see some of the most common pests you may run into during the spring season, and how you can prevent against them!

Carpenter Ants

Once the weather turns for the better, you can expect these wood-munchers to come out in full force in search for food and shelter.  With their powerful front teeth, they can chew through all sorts of wood—from your deck to your decor—to build nests for themselves and their offspring.  While they may less dangerous than a swarm of termites, they can sure put a damper on some springtime fun. However, you can mitigate the risk of a carpenter ant infestation by eliminating potential sources of water around your home and by ensuring that there are no cracks in your siding, doors, or screens!


Bees, bees, bees!  A very common spring pest, but you never need to fear too much (unless, of course, you’re allergic).  Typically, bees are seldom an aggressor, as they just want to keep to themselves and gather nectar to make honey.  While they try to stay out of your way, a bee may attack if they are provoked. However, they try their best to not do this because a sting to you is lethal for the bee.  Bees may be a common pest, but most of the fear surrounding them is due to the confusion between them and wasps, and wasps certainly don’t think twice about stinging an unsuspecting victim!


Ticks can be some of the nastiest of pests that you encounter this season.  Not only are they awful to remove if one latches onto you, but they can be the vector of several different diseases—one of which is Lyme disease.  We know that you’re going to want to wear shorts once the weather gets warmer, but if you are planning on spending a considerable amount of time outdoors in wooded areas, consider wearing pants or applying bug repellant, as these can dissuade ticks from latching onto your skin in the first place.  Also, be sure to check yourself, your children, and your pets for ticks after spending time outside and you can reduce the chances of getting sick from these critters!

Despite the presence of these pests, there’s no reason for them to ruin your wonderful spring.  So long as you stick to these tips (and give us a call for a personalized defense plan), there’s nothing to fear from these spring critters.  Give us a call today for a free quote!

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