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Last week, we saw one of America’s favorite rodents come out in Punxsutawney to see if we would get an early spring.  While the result wasn’t exactly what we all hoped for, we still admired the cuteness of our dearest groundhog.  However, not all rodents are like him, and some can even carry disease that can spell disaster for your family.  Join us today as we go over some of the rodents to watch out for, and what to do if you find them in your home.

When it comes to rodents, nothing is as more infamous as rats.  These guys have been vectors of dirt and disease since the beginning of time (after all, they did start the Black Plague).  Modern medicine has thwarted the effects of the disease that rats can spread, but they can still bring damaging diseases such as rat-bite fever and leptospirosis, which can lead to adverse health effects and more often than not requires medical attention.  Not only that but rats also bring in hordes of bacteria on them, which can also lead to infection and disease.  The best way to keep rats from entering your home is to sweep up all food, keep a relatively tidy house, and remove any branches that may be touching your roof.

Next in the series comes the squirrel.  These critters do not carry as many diseases as the rat does, but they can still put a number on your attic if given the chance.  They can burrow in almost anything, including your insulation.  The squirrel may seem cute from a distance, but they will bite if given the chance, which has the possibility of transmitting rabies.  As with rats, try to remove any branches that touch the exterior of your house, and plug up any holes that a squirrel can jump into.

Finally, the last rodent that we’ll touch on is none other than the groundhog.  Sure, they are fun—we have a whole day dedicated to one—but the friends of Phil can cause damage to your property if given the chance.  They love to burrow, and will put a copious amount of holes in your precisely maintained grass.

Now, if you find one of these critters in your home, we highly recommend against taking care of them yourself.  Whether you plan to grab them with a trap or a bb-gun, we say no, as you can seriously hurt yourself or the critter.  Instead, give us a call, and we can remove them from your home safely and humanely.  Not only that, but we can also come up with a comprehensive plan to keep them out for good.  You simply can’t go wrong by calling Tri-County Pest Control.

Give us a call today to defend your home from all sorts of pests today!

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