Common Myths About Pest Control

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The Internet is truly a beautiful thing, but sometimes it can spur some lies among all the facts.  Take pest control, for example.  While there are many great articles on pests and the removal thereof out there, there are some things that are just plain wrong.  Join us today as we debunk some of the most commonly held myths in the industry!

First and foremost, one of the largest myths out there is that bedbugs can only live in dirty conditions, and because of this you will only find them in dirty hotels and homes.  We cannot stress just how wrong this is, as bedbugs can appear in virtually any environment.  Clean, dirty, or in-between—it does not matter.  In fact, bedbugs spread most often in cleaner environments, as people are less likely to check for their presence before laying down their things, making it extremely easy for the critters to spread to your home as well.  No matter where you are staying—a 5-star hotel or a friend’s house—always be sure to check for bedbugs.

Another typical myth that we see a lot of online is the thought that if you have a concrete slab, then you cannot get termites.  As with the former, this is simply not true.  Termites do not care if you have a crawlspace or wood furnishings: all they care about is getting into as much wood as they can.  Therefore, if your home has any sort of wooden framework, it is at risk for a termite infestation, and should be treated accordingly with routine checks and treatment if need be.

Finally, a big myth out there is that pests cannot live in a clean house.  Now, while this is true in the aspect that a clean house is unlikely to attract some pests from the outdoors, there is still the possibility of pests coming into your home looking for shelter.  Sure, there are some pests like the cockroach and the ant who will come into your house if they smell food lying out, but there are other pests such as the bedbug, termite, and stinkbug who will just wander in because they are looking for some place warm to stay.  To counter this, be sure to check up on your exterior, and try to limit all points of entry that a pest may have.  This includes, but is not limited to, doors, windows, cracks in the siding, cracks in screens, and torn weatherstripping.  Replace or fix these things as soon as you can to enjoy a pest-free home.

There are many infamous myths out there on the Internet (like how Einstein failed his math class) and the pest-control world is not safe from them.  Be sure to know your facts about pest control before trying to do anything on your own!  

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