Pests to Watch Out For: Winter 2017

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With the massive snowstorm over the weekend and temperature plummeting down into the teens, it is starting to feel like winter once again throughout the whole Mid-Atlantic region.  While you are busy preparing for more snow and cold weather, we also encourage you to prepare for pest defense, as there are some pests who are still active in these months, and neglecting this threat can lead to an infestation in your home.  Please join us today as we outline some of the pests to keep an eye out for this winter season!

Termites:  Many people believe that termites are a warm-weather pest, and only pose a threat during the summer months.  This may be true for most types of termites, but there are several species who thrive underground, and can consequently cause great damage to your home if given the opportunity.  To help defend against these pests, make sure that there are no cracks in your foundation or siding, especially near the ground.  This time of year is prime breeding conditions for these infamous pests, so don’t let them get a chance to infest your home this season!

Stinkbugs:  Originally not native to this side of the world, the stinkbug has become a very common pest in the Mid-Atlantic region.  While these pests don’t pose immediate harm to you or your family, they can produce an awful stench when threatened, leaving your house smelling horrible for weeks.  Take the preventative measure and make sure that all window screens are intact, and that there are no cracks in the weatherstripping of your doors.  Stinkbugs need to find shelter from the frigid winter temperatures, but don’t let them take shelter in your home!  If you do find a stink bug crawling around, do not squash it with a shoe—instead, grab the vacuum cleaner and suck it up, then discard the bag.  Dealing with stinkbugs this way will not only remove them from your home, but it will also keep them from producing their horrific stench.   

Bedbugs:  Our final pest to watch out for this winter season is none other than the bedbug.  Unlike other pests, bedbugs cannot invade your home on their own, but instead must be brought in by some external force, like by hiding in a suitcase or by latching onto clothes.  If you plan to travel this winter season, be extra cautious on where you stay, and be sure to check for bedbugs no matter where you choose.  One simple check is all it takes to prevent an infestation that could leave your family without their beds for a week, so please be vigilant.

There are many pests up and about this winter season, but thankfully we here at Tri-County Pest Control are ready to tackle them all.  Give us a call today, as see how we can defend your home all season long!

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