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Ants tend to be very advantageous critters, as they will hole up anywhere where they think they will have a good chance of finding an easy meal.  This can mean right under a tree, on top of a pile or brush, or even in the cracks right in-between your pavers.  The latter tends to be a problem for most homeowners, not only aesthetically, but also in terms of removal, as the ants will infiltrate every nook and cranny.  In spite of this, we’ve prepared a few tips for you on paver-ant removal that are easy, quick, and oh-so efficient.  

Taming an ant infestation in your pavers requires two stages: removal and prevention.  When it comes to removal, there are several methods you can try to rid the ants in only a few short days, and all of them are safe to use on your pavers!

The first thing you can try is to lay down coffee grounds on your pavers, both right on the ant hill and around it.  Coffee and caffeine have the ability to disrupt the senses in the worker ants, making them less efficient at collecting food for the colony.  Reapply every few days until the entire colony has died out, and then simply sweep away the remains.  Alternatively, you can also lay down bay leaves and whole cloves around the colony, as both are extremely unappealing to ants.  In a few short days of being exposed to those scents, the ants will just get up and leave, abdicating their hill, and leaving you ant-free.  Of course, if you simply cannot wait a few days, or if the above options seem like too much work, a few buckets of boiling water will sure do the trick.

Once you have removed the entire colony from your pavers, you should then focus on preventing to stop another ant infestation before it starts.  Filling in the cracks between your pavers with sand every so-often is a sure way to keep the ants out.  Also, by laying down cinnamon or salts around your pavers, you will create a pest-defense line that ants won’t dare to cross.  However, this will require regular upkeep, as every rainstorm will wash away whatever you put down.  

At this point, it’s also worthwhile to do a quick inspection on your home, to make sure that the ants won’t come inside should they return to your pavers.  Check all weather stripping and foundation for cracks and weaknesses, as ants will squeeze themselves into both.  Fix any and all that your see right away.

With a pragmatic approach and the foresight for prevention, you can take on any paver ant-infestation that Mother Nature throws your way.  Although, if you think you may need the cavalry, we are only a phone call away and more than willing to help—just say the word and we’ll be right there to free your pavers from the pesky ants.   

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