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When you first think of pest control, what is the first image that comes to mind?  Is it a whole team of fumigators, covering an entire house to rid of a bedbug infestation, or a precariously placed glue trap, ready to capture any critter that may wander by.  While both of these are accurate representations, there is one image that many overlook—commercial pest control. Your business is certainly not your home, but it is at just as much risk, if not more, for a serious pest infestation, and you should take steps to protect it.  Join us today as we go over some of the most common commercial pests out there! Click here to request a commercial estimate!

Is that a cockroach in your soup?

Sure, any type of bug can have an impact on your business, but the presence of cockroaches can drive potential customers away like it is nothing.  This is due to the cockroach’s stereotype: uncleanliness. Since these critters thrive in dirty conditions—and only exacerbate the mess—many people correlate these bugs with a serious lack of standards, which can really shut your operations down, regardless of the type of business.  Not only that, but these guys can survive for months without eating, so getting them out should be at the top of your to-do list if you ever spot them.

Oh, rats!

Mice, rats, and other types of rodents can also come knocking on your door, especially if you have a business in the food industry.  Not only do these fellas like cheese, but they will eat just about anything out in the open, which they can smell from a considerable distance away.  However, business in the retail sector can also run into a rodent problem, as they can find a place to burrow in your shop, leaving you with an infestation that won’t seem to go away.  The trick to dealing with rodent is just to keep everything clean, neat, and tidy, and to make sure that there are no holes in the siding or screen.

Bedbugs?  Bedbugs!

The most fearsome pest of them all for a business owner: the bedbug.  Just the word of one has the power to send customers running in fear, so staying on top of the bedbug prevention game is imperative to running a successful business.  These critters can spread like wildfire—and fast—so be sure to have your own pest defense plan set up as soon as you can.

Running a business can be hard, but keeping pests out doesn’t have to be.  Give us a call today, and we will work with you to set up a comprehensive pest defense plan to make sure you’re safe from all sides!


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