How to Prevent the Costly Effects of Termite Damage – from Tri-County Pest Control

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As many people and some of you may be currently in the process of listing your home for sale, one piece of the puzzle you probably don’t want to worry about is incurring termite damage and the very costly price tag an infestation could leave behind.

Because of their ability to chew through flooring, wood, and even wallpaper in some cases – undetected with a stealth-like precision – termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage to properties collectively each year. This is acost, unfortunately, that are not covered by homeowners’ insurance either.

Going back to these “silent destroyers” and how they can affect a real estate transaction, we thought our team here at Tri-County Pest Control put together some preventive tips for you so you can avoid having your home closing process disrupted due to termite damage:

  • Make sure soffits and any rotted roof shingles get repaired immediately. Some types of termites are attracted to deteriorating wood.
  • Replace any eroded weather stripping.
  • Regularly have the foundation of your home inspected for signs of any mud tubes (which are constructed by termites in their quest to reach a food source).
  • Make sure any fire wood is stored at least 20 feet away from the home, as well as 5 inches off the ground.

If you suspect any signs of termites, call our experts here at Tri-County Pest Control immediately. The sooner the remediation, the less you’ll be a part of the collective billions paid out in annual damage.




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