A Short PSA on the Green-headed Fly – from Tri-County Pest Control

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Ah, Greenhead season. For our clients and customers who reside near salt marshes you know exactly what we’re talking about. These flies with green heads can make your outdoor entertaining life miserable.

Unfortunately, there are very few interventions that we can perform here at Tri-County Pest Control, as greenheads have a very long flight range and they typically breed in salt marshes; therefore, it’s virtually impossible to even treat their breeding grounds.

As female greenheads will terrorize humans and bite during the day and will probe consistently, they can be very troublesome to beach areas through the summer months. Greenhead populations peek now (in July), but will extend into September.

However, because we receive a lot of inquiries, we thought we would share with you some homemade solutions you may be able to use.

We’d like to direct you to this extensive article from Rutgers University on how to build Greenhead traps in order to bring a level of peace to your backyard.

Please click here for article.

Thank you, and please call on us for your termite and other pest control needs.

Happy summer!


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