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So, what did the Easter Bunny leave you yesterday? Did he leave you and your kids baskets filled with candy and goodies, or did he send you on an egg hunt throughout the yard? Both are wonderful Easter traditions, but you should check to see if he left you something a little less delightful—his friends. While rabbits are cute, they can wreak havoc on what vegetation you have in your yard, whether it be a garden or shrubbery. Take these few tips to make your home rabbit free, even after the Easter bunny has come and gone.

If you see a rabbit hopping around your yard or garden, chances are very good that he has friends nearby. Rabbits will eat many things that they see in your garden, but they will not touch certain things, like peppers and cucumbers. These are great things to plant if you live in a very rabbit-laden area, but if you rather settle for carrots, don’t worry—there are still many ways that you can keep rabbits out.

Another easy way to prevent rabbits is to create a small wire fence around your garden or the vegetation that you want to keep pristine. You don’t need anything fancy—just something low enough that will keep those little-hoppers out. On the other hand, you could create other types of deterrence—cages. Either build one yourself or buy one at your local hardware store, and there are several cages that will capture them for human release somewhere else.
As always, there are commercial methods to keeping out rabbits, such as spray repellents. These sprays mimic the smell of the rabbit’s natural predators, like the fox and the coyote, and is said to keep rabbits away for good. If you have a heave rabbit population around your house, this may be a good option to try.

Of course, if you have an instance where the rabbits are beyond your control, give us a call and see what we can do for you. We may not be the Easter Bunny, but we bet that we can control a population of rabbits.

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