Common Signs of Termite Invasion

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As the fall begins to settle in, termites are starting to become more and more of an issue.  Even though you may seldom see this pest, there are several things that you can look for which can indicate that a termite infestation is at hand.  Keep on reading to understand the signs of a potential infestation! Click here to request a termite inspection & get $100 off treatment!

Blistering, Drooping, or Buckling Floors

Being that termites are wood eaters, it makes total sense that evidence of their shenanigans can be found in the buckling or drooping of floors.  As they munch away on the foundation, you’ll see that the structural integrity of the floor will soon be compromised, leading to floors that will droop and droop until they eventually collapse.  Now, chances are that you’ll notice something suspicious before it gets to the point of collapse, but you can limit damages early by catching it early.

Squeaky Floors

In the same line as the point above, squeaky floors can be a sign that the structural integrity of the floor is starting to falter, meaning that termites may be close by.  This is most likely the first thing you may notice if there is a termite infestation afoot, but it is also very easy to glance over.

Mud Tubes

When termites need to travel, they do so in tunnels.  Due to their biological makeup, termites need to stay at a constant temperature and humidity to survive, and they ensure this through constructing their own network of tunnels called mud tubes.  You can find these thin tubes on the side of your house wherever the ground meets the house. Since these are a sure-sign of an infestation, be sure to give us a call once you notice them!

Termite Chewing

Believe it or not, termites are very loud eaters, and you can even hear them if you listen close enough.  Just put your ear to the wall, and you’ll hear them go to town on all of the wood that they can get their hands on.  This may not be an effective way to first notice an infestation, but it can certainly be a way to confirm your suspicions should you see the other signs of an infestation.

Termites are awful critters, but with the right knowledge at your side, you can keep them from causing a huge ruckus in your home.  So, be sure to give us a call if you see any of these signs, and we’ll be there in no time to help you out!

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