Can Bugs be Beneficial?

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Bugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but you may be surprised to read that bugs can be pretty helpful instead of hurtful.  Now, we’re not saying that all bugs are helpful, but there are certainly ones out there that are a lot better than their counterparts.  Keep on reading to see which ones aren’t necessarily pests!


Alright, so this one may be obvious, but bees are by far one of the most beneficial bugs you’ll find out there.  In fact, you may have noticed in recent years that there are several campaigns to “Save the Bees,” since they are so integral for everyday life.  Being the great pollinators that they are, you can thank bees for a lot of the food that you eat on a daily basis and all of the beautiful flowers in your garden.  There is only one type of bee out there that we would consider to be a pest, and it’s the carpenter bee—all the other ones you should be glad to see!


Wait, spiders?! Yes, really!  Spiders (so long as they’re outside of your home) do a really great job at keeping other nasty pests out of your home.  They love to make a meal out of mosquitoes, moths, and flies—and we’re sure that you’ve dealt with all three of these pests at one point or another.  There are even several species of spiders which gardeners are encouraged to keep around. So the next time you’re spooked out by the eight-legged critter hanging outside your home, think about all of the good that it’s doing in its spare time.


They sure are cute, but ladybugs are much more ferocious than you may have originally thought.  Ladybugs absolutely love to devour aphids and mites, meaning that by keeping ladybugs around your home, you will keep many of those critters out for good.  While the cold weather will bring ladybugs closer to your home, you can still rest easy so long as they’re being active outside. Ladybugs are so beneficial, you can even buy them in bulk in some places!

As a pest control company, we strive to educate you about the bugs you will encounter and what they mean for you and your family.  All bugs may not be harmful, but it never hurts to check with us should you spot some critters outside or inside your home, Feel free to give a call today!

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