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Day in and day out, your kitchen sees a whole bunch of activity, and you better believe that pests want to join in.  Since it’s where most of the food is (and crumbs) critters of all sorts of shapes and sizes would love to have a meal with you, but which ones do you really need to worry about?  Come join us today as we go over some of the most common types of kitchen pests, and how you can defend against them!


Out of all of the pests out there, kitchen ants can prove to be the most annoying.  If anything sweet or sticky has been left out for a while, you can bet that a whole battalion of ants will find their way to your kitchen sometime soon, since the smell will attract them from a long way away.  Yet, what makes ants so annoying is that they are social pests, so if you see one, you can probably make a safe bet that there are plenty close by. To make matters even worse, the presence of just a few can indicate a colony’s presence, so by squishing the ants in sight, you are only alleviating the symptom and not the problem.


Hands-down, cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests.  Since they thrive in filthy areas, wherever cockroaches roam you can bet that they are tracking all sorts of bacteria and other germs with them.  Just like with ants, roaches come around due to the presence of food, and you can bet that if you see one, there are plenty of other ones lurking somewhere close by.  Needless to say, cockroaches represent a nasty pest for both residential and commercial kitchens.


From houseflies to fruit flies, flies in general are a pretty common pest that you may see in your kitchen.  They are just as filthy as the cockroach, but instead of covering the ground they can take to the air and avoid plenty of swings by a flyswatter.  While food in general will bring them right around to check things out, the smell of rotting fruit will be enough to bring a whole swarm of fruit flies your way—and once they come around, they won’t want to leave.

So, with all of these pests on your radar, what’s the best way to prevent them from showing up in the first place?  While a clean kitchen doesn’t necessarily prevent these pests from coming around, it can certainly limit the likelihood of an infestation occurring.  Be sure to clean after cooking, and clean up any crumbs or spills which may wind up on your floor—the less food out, the better. Also, if you draw the short straw and ants, cockroaches, or flies show up anyway, know that you can always give us a call for quick and rapid pest removal.

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