A Dream (Pest) Team for the March Madness Championship

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Well, Tri-County Pest Control fans, the final game of the March Madness tournament is tonight!  Texas Tech will be taking on Virginia in tonight’s contest, and it is shaping up to be a great game.  Now, while all eyes will be on these two teams tonight, who says that humans are the only ones that can play basketball?  We took the liberty to create a dream team of pests, which is sure to be quite the competition against any other team. Keep on reading to see who we’ve drafted to our team!

Point Guard

The best point guard in the game, is without a doubt, the ant.  Not only are ants fast, but they understand the importance of teamwork, and you can always place your bet on an ant being a team player.  As a point guard, who is essentially the leader on the court, a good sense of teamwork is vital for success.

Shooting Guard

Over at shooting guard, we know that a mosquito would be a solid choice.  Not only are they agile, but they can shoot with needle-like precision. In addition, they can literally suck energy right out of their opponents, making them quite the asset on the court.

Small Forward

For a small forward, we’re bringing on a flea.  While fleas are small, they have the highest hops on the court and can easily dunk on all of their other opponents.  Being that they can jump up to 80x their own height, they are a perfect fit for a small forward.

Power Forward

For a power forward, we’re looking for a spider to fill the role.  Spiders are fast, nimble, and can weave a web of defense right under the basket.  If you are looking for someone to play a zone defense, look no further than these eight-legged critters.


Finally, for our center, we’re bringing on a cockroach.  Cockroaches may seem small, but they are incredibly strong for their size, and will not be crushed by anything else on the court.  Also, since they are an absolute pain to get rid of, the opposing team is bound to have a tough time on offense.

There you have it—our own picks for an all-star pest team to take the court.  Indeed, we put a lot of stock in this team to wreak havoc, both on and off the court.  From the opposing team to your family right at home, they can sure be a pain to eliminate and may prove to be quite a nuisance.  Luckily enough, removing them is a breeze when you turn to a time-tested company known for their professionalism and expertise.

Give us a call today for a free quote, and enjoy the game tonight!

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