Common Bathroom Pests

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Bugs are bad, but bugs that watch you while you’re getting clean are even worse.  You may know that your kitchen and attic are hot spots for pests of all shapes and sizes, but did you know that the bathroom is also a favorite stomping ground of many pests?  Indeed it is, and there are a few water-loving pests that you should look out for. Keep on reading to see what they are!


If you read our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, then you’d know that silverfish absolutely love the water.  Since they thrive in warm and damp places, your bathroom makes for the perfect spot for these pests to hang out. However, once they find a nice place to call home, they quickly spread out—often crawling deep into your drains so that they can thrive off the moist environment.  Thanks to this habit of theirs, treating silverfish on your own can be difficult, since they will move from drain to drain laying their eggs along the way.


Already known as the infamous pest, cockroaches absolutely love moisture, which makes your bathroom (namely, your shower) the perfect spot for them to thrive.  Usually this problem arises in apartments and row houses, as the walls between two units are not integrated with one another, making it the perfect place for cockroaches to hang out.  You may find them crawling in and out of your drain—or even crawling across the shower floor—but the only place you should be finding yourself in that situation is calling out to the professionals for some fast and well-needed assistance.

Drain Flies

Arguably the nastiest pest on this list, drain flies literally live off of the gunk in your drains.  Spending the entire childhood of their short lives feeding off whatever has been going down your shower drain is the ideal life for them, and once they’re matured, they will come out of the drain and feed off of whatever else you have lying around your home.  What’s difficult about these pests is that you will not see them until they are matured, which also means that there are plenty of other flies living in your drain, waiting for their time to fly out.

Bathroom pests are gross, but there are ways to limit their impact—and ultimately, their presence—in your home.   When it comes to these types of pests, the best defense is your best offense, so reach out to us today to see how far a pest protection plan can go for your home!

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