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Camping can be a great experience for many people this time of year, whether it’s a week-long retreat with the family, or just a few days of soul searching on your own.  Lying under the stars at night can inspire awe, but it can also entice many critters to come wandering towards your site, hoping to score an easy meal.  Bugs are a natural part of camping, but there are a few tips you can take advantage of to limit the amount you see at your site this summer.

As previously stated, critters of all shapes and sizes will come wandering towards your tent if they smell food.  From the smallest gnat to the largest bear, all will come looking for a snack.  So, for the safety of both you and the environment around you, always make sure that there is no open sources of food lying around, which includes drinks.  Pick up after yourself, and you should be fine,

In addition to picking up litter on the ground, you can also make a campfire to keep pests away.  You may attract a few moths from the light, but the smoke will be sure to keep away mosquitoes, bees, and wasps, not to mention other predatory animals.  If it worked for the cavemen, you can be assured that it will work for you too.

Also make sure that your tent has some type of netting or screening on it, as to keep out some of the smaller flying insects that you can encounter.  Good camping protocol ensures that you keep your tent zippered up at all times, which will keep out a whole mess of critters that come waltzing your way.  This, coupled in with appropriate netting, will transform your tent into a sanctuary from any pests that wishes to do you harm (or annoyance).

Finally, be sure to wear appropriate clothing when out in the wilderness.  Long pants and sleeves will help keep many of the parasitic pests off of you, such as ticks and mosquitoes.  Not to mention it will protect your body from thorns, high bushes, and other incidentals that you may encounter on your trails.  Bug spray never hurt either, but just be sure to use spray with DEET in it, as it will work wonders to ward off a wide array of pests.

Camping and pest defense all rely on common sense—so long as you stay alert, keep mindful of your surroundings, and come prepared, you will do just fine out there.  Now, go out and enjoy a few days lying under the dazzling stars!

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