Benefits of Professional Pest Control vs. DIY

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In the age of the Internet, nearly anything can be learned through a few websites or a couple of YouTube videos.  Yet, just because you learned it on the web, doesn’t necessarily mean that you are the best to perform it (yes, we’re talking to you, all of you armchair cardiac surgeons)!  Believe it or not, pest control is not that much different. Keep reading as we provide you with 5 reasons why you should call in the professionals when it comes to pest control.

1. Less Chemicals



One of the largest drawbacks to DIY pest control is not knowing how much pesticide to apply to the critter.  Some people love to use a whole can of spray on a wasp nest when it is not necessary. By dealing with the pros, you are dealing with people who know the exact amount to use, honed and perfected by years and years of experience.  More experience means less chemicals, which in turn leads to…

2. Less Illness



Yes, less use of pesticides will lead to less illness, but where it really counts is in how fast critters are removed from your home.  Some pests, like rodents, will leave droppings which can cause illness in family and pets. By getting these pests out in a timely fashion, you run less of a risk of becoming sick.

3. Save Money



What?  Save money by paying for a professional service?  We know it sounds counterintuitive, but it’s actually true.  Some pests, like bedbugs, are extremely resistant to pesticides, and you may find yourself emptying out can after can of pesticide trying to get rid of them to no avail.  So, by “biting the bullet” early, you will actually be better off in the end.

4. Better Sleep



Was that a spider crawling over your face, or was it your brain playing tricks on you?  Knowing that you have a pest problem in your home and attempting to solve it on your own makes for a combination that is bound to give you the creeps at night, causing you to think if you missed a pest or two.  Yet, sleeping better brings us to our final reason:

5. Peace of Mind



Calling in the professionals means calling in a company that will get the job done in a speedy and efficient manner.  But, calling in Tri-County Pest Control means calling in a company that believes it’s the service after the sale that counts, so you know that you’ll have peace of mind no matter what your pest problem once was.

Pests are burdensome, but there’s no need to worry when you have Tri-County on your side.  Leave the pests to us, and we’ll leave the amateur cardiac surgery to you!

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