A Tip a Day Keeps the Fruit Fly Away

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Out of all the pests out there, fruit flies rank among the most annoying: so small yet so nimble, and they always seem to appear out of nowhere!  Unfortunately enough, summer is usually the season when they are the most active. However, by taking some of the following tips to heart, we bet you can beat the fruit fly summertime frenzy!

Clean the Kitchen

As a Tri-County Pest Control fan and as a regular reader of our blogs, we’re sure that you know by now that dirty spaces attract pests.  If it involves food, you bet they’ll be on their way. If you can smell it, chances are that they can, as well. So, be sure to take out the trash regularly, wash dishes promptly, and place any leftovers from dinner in an airtight container shortly after eating.  Also, be sure to dispose of any overripe or rotten fruit, because (as the name would suggest) fruit flies absolutely love ripe fruit!

Drain Your Drains

Fruit flies are pretty innovative in the fact that they can live in drains for quite some time, and then pop out when your fruit has conveniently gone bad.  So, in addition to being on top of your fruit disposal duties, try to clean out your drains every once in a while—about once every two months (or more, depending on use).  You can either use a commercial product or opt for the traditional vinegar-and-baking-soda approach. Oh, and be sure to check online for other cost effective ways to do it!

Wash Your Fruits

While you should be washing your fruits and veggies before eating them, you may be surprised to find out that washing them once you back from the store can aid in preventing the spread of fruit flies.  Since they lay their eggs on the surface of fruits, it may behoove you to wash your produce after purchase to prevent infestation—especially if you are coming back from an outdoor farmers’ market. A quick rinse under the tap will be fine for all fruits, but for fruits where you do not eat the peel (bananas, melons, etc.) you can take it a step further and use a little bit of distilled vinegar for a more potent prevention method.  

It’s truly the little things that make the difference.  As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—and you can bet your bottom dollar that it goes for fruit flies.

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