A Renter’s Guide to Pest Defense

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Moving into a new apartment can be an exciting time, but it also comes with a whole new list of responsibilities to take care of.  From learning who to turn to when a mechanical problem arises to getting to know your neighbors, it can certainly seem like a lot at times.  However, one thing you should always have in the back of your head is pest defense and how to prevent several of the critters which are a notorious pain for renters from coming into your unit.  Keep on reading for some simple tips on how to keep the critters out of your apartment, whether you just signed into a lease or have been around for quite some time!

The Big Question: Who is Responsible

When renting out an apartment or a house, one of the biggest questions a renter may have when something goes wrong is who is responsible, and ultimately, who needs to pay to fix something.  While every lease is different, it is commonplace for a landlord to be required to provide a pest-free place to live. Now, what this usually comes down to is that there are no signs of pests in the unit when you move in or that structural items that may bring in pests are addressed.  Again, each case is different, but this is usually par for the course. Yet, what is important to know is that in most leases, the renter is on the hook for making sure that they have an environment where pests cannot flourish. This is a pretty simple job when you break it down, but regardless of who is responsible, you do not want any sort of pest to invade your living area, so just stick to the basics and you’ll be good to go.

Happy Kitchen, Happy Life

Pests, by and large, come waltzing into your living quarters in the search of one thing: food.  From roaches to ants to flies and most critters in between, crumbs along the floor represent a tasty and easy meal.  Therefore, cleaning your kitchen, both after cooking and a deep clean about once a month, will do wonders to keep the critters out.  Oh, and don’t forget to throw away any spoiled food you have around—it may smell gross to you, but to some pests, it’s a smell that they just can’t resist. 

Batten Down the Hatches

Another simple, super-easy way to keep pests out is to make sure that the doors and windows to your place are only open sparingly.  A wide-open door or window provides the perfect opportunity for a pest to walk right in, so why give them that chance? If you do want to enjoy a fresh breeze out the window, make sure that there is a screen, since this will keep all flying critters at bay.

When in Doubt, Scrub it Out

It may seem obvious, but the best, most efficient way to put your pest defense skills to use as a renter is to keep a tidy place.  No need to go crazy, but a solid cleaning every now and again (at least once every two months) will go a long way in keeping pests out.  They hate the smell of cleanliness, so some easy mopping and scrubbing will make them think twice before coming in and make you feel proud of your humble abode.

Pests are nasty and a pain, which is why taking preventative measures makes for the best course of action.  Stick to these tips and you should be good to go!

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