The “Winter 4” Pests to Watch Out for from Tri-County Pest Control

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While many of us have our guards up during the spring and summer seasons – when we believe pests to be
in their prime – Tri-County Pest Control warns to keep your eyes out for these four, who can striker during the winter when humans are least to expect it.

Termites: According to estimates, termites are believed to cause approximately $5 billion in collective damage to properties each year. In addition to taking part in one of Tri-County’s service plans, make sure you also:

  • Keep any firewood stacked away from side of house
  • Make sure your gutters are draining properly
  • If you have crawl spaces, make sure they are well ventilated
  • Move any and all scrap lumber away from crawl spaces, in addition to old newspapers and boxes

Bedbugs: If you traveled during the holiday season, you need to make sure you didn’t bring these hitchhikers back home with you. You can achieve this by:

  • When you return home from traveling, vacuum your suitcases and launder all of your clothes in hot water
  • Hang all of your clothes immediately after laundering – do not fold and lay on bed

Overwintering Pests: These types of pests seek to hole up and hunker down in your home for winter. They can include ladybugs, box elders and beetles.

  • Make sure any cracks in your home’s exterior are sealed
  • Make sure doors and windows are properly sealed
  • Install screens on an attic vents

Stinkbugs: Stinkbugs are rampant right here in our service area. Be mindful if you decorated during the holidays with pumpkins, these pests love their pumpkin juice!

Call us today to sign up for one of our service plans – we can help you avoid these pests altogether!




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