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This past weekend was extremely wet and wild for nearly everyone living on the Atlantic seaboard. Copious amounts of rain, strong winds, (exceeding 60 mph in parts of New Jersey!), and cold weather made this weekend one to stay inside with the family. However, while you were packed indoors this weekend, some critters outside were trying their hardest to sneak into your warm and dry home. With the nor’easter gone, take some time to look around your house to see if any little buggers found a way in, and we’ll give you some quick tips on how to take care of em.

One type of pest that absolutely hates the rain are ants; they’ll try their hardest to get to someplace that is high and dry. Check around your kitchen—it’s their favorite place to hide. Look under your sink, by your fresh fruit on the countertop, and in the pantry. Also, look in your bathroom; especially under the sink and around the toilet.

If you see one or two ants crawling around in these spots, chances are that you have several others lurking around your house as well, as ants like to travel together. Take care of these guys quickly, as ants leave pheromone trails for their friends to follow, which can bring more ants to the party. For a small infestation, a couple of commercial ant traps might work, but for assured removal or for a larger infestation, give us a call, and we’ll scoot ‘em out.

Also, check for cockroaches too, as they aren’t too fond out the cold rain either. Look in the same places as you did with the ants. If you find only one or two, chances are that there are more as well, just like with the ants. With these guys, you can try to put out glue traps to stop them in their tracks (literally), or you can let us know, and we’ll take care of them for good.

Storms are undoubtedly dangerous, but leaving pests crawling around your home is also a danger to the health of your family. Don’t take any unnecessary risks—check those spots and give us a call!

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