Wacky Pest Wednesday: Termites

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Happy Wednesday to all you Tri-County Pest Control fans out there, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  Today, we invite you to join us as we cover a very small critter that can bring enormous consequences: termites.

Termites are one of the worst pests that you can find in your home, hands down.  Eating through all the wood that they can ingest, they will stop at nothing for a meal, even if it means chomping right through the support beams on your home.  However, despite their small size, they are extremely intelligent creatures, to the point where they have an effective warning system to alert the colony if danger is ever afoot…and this practice has been that way for the past 130 million years.  When it comes to the termite, it really pays to have someone who knows how to deal with them, in order to make your home safe again.

These critters may be blind (except for the colony’s king and queen) but that does not stop from wreaking havoc on your home.  Signs of a termite infestation include the visual presence of termite “tubes” both inside and outside of the home, or wood that looks very similar to Swiss cheese (abundant holes in a piece of wood generally means that termites are never too far).

Should you notice any of these, it is imperative that you can a pest control company that specializes in termite treatments as soon as you can.  The longer you wait, the more damage these nasty pests can do, so call as soon as you can.

Luckily enough, we here at Tri-County Termite and Pest Control specialize in termite removal (hey, it’s in our name!), so you can be assured that a termite infestation will be taken care of with only one call to us.  

Reach out to us today for a free quote!

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