Wacky Pest Wednesday: Skunks

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Happy Wednesday to all you Tri-County Pest Control fans out there, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday.  Please join us today, as we go over a pest that has sure made a name for itself: the skunk.

Skunks are pretty notorious in the world of pests, as we all know the implications that one spray can have.  During this time of year, many skunks will begin burrowing to create their dens for the winter, so it is important that you stay on top of things so you don’t find yourself getting sprayed one November afternoon.

Typically, skunks like to burrow in spots that are less-travelled, but also very close to food.  That being said, a prime spot would be right underneath your deck or by the side of your home—where they can be sure that they are protected by a structure, and can easily raid your trash can for a quick meal.  However, so long as you have no holes in the ground around your house, you should be fine (and be sure to cover them if they’re there!)

These critters can be helpful in reducing the number of other rodents around your property, but come at the risk of spreading rabies around.  Do yourself a favor and err of the side of caution—keep skunks out for good by having a great defense.

And remember, Tri-County Pest Control is here to help should you find one lurking around.  Don’t go after it yourself, since they can spray up to 20 feet and cause temporary blindness if they spray in your eyes.  Instead, call in the professionals who will remove it safely and humanely.

Give us a call today for any of your pest control problems!

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