Wacky Pest Wednesday: Moths

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Hey there Tri-County Pest Control fans, it’s Wednesday and we’re back at it again with another edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  Join us today as we take on the moth.

Moths are typically harmless critters who happen to wander into your home from time to time.  Yet, if left on their own, they can cause a few headaches for homeowners. Like most of the other pests out there, moths comes into your home in search of food and shelter, both of which they can find in your home.  They can feed on your leftovers if they have been sitting out in the open and some species of moths have been known to take a chomp out of your clothes, since some fibers found in your shirt tastes pretty good to them.  With all that being said, your best bet is to keep them out before they get in.

Most of the time, these critters find their way into your home through an open door or a ripped screen, so by keeping your doors closed and repairing any rips in your screen, you have a much better chance of keeping them at bay.  In addition, be sure to seal all food in airtight containers, as moths can smell food from a great distance away. Should one be fluttering around one of your lights indoors, don’t reach for the fly-swatter right away, as these creatures are harmless.  Instead, grab an empty plastic container to trap the moth, then release it outside. These critters are rampant pollinators, and thus are great for the environment.

Moths are on the whole gentle critters, but in the event of a massive infestation in your home, always know that we are here to help.  One quick call to us is all you need to keep the pests out for good.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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