Wacky Pest Wednesday: Fruit Flies

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Happy Wednesday, Tri-County Pest Control fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  Please join us in our latest edition as we cover a pest which is surely one of the most annoying pests out there: the fruit fly!

Fruit flies are a type of pest that are truly a dime a dozen.  Much like cockroaches, fruit flies can be a real headache in the kitchen because they’re evasive, fast breeders, and incredibly annoying to deal with.  There have been a few cases of fruit flies becoming literal swarms in houses (thanks to the ability of a pair of fruit flies to create literally hundreds of offspring).  Needless to say, fruit flies are a pest where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Here are some small tips to help prevent fruit flies from coming into your home in the first place: If you have fruit that is pretty ripe—or it just a bit over-ripe—either put it in the fridge or toss it out.  Also, every season give your kitchen drain a nice, thorough cleaning; fruit flies love to live in the gross environment of the kitchen drain while they wait for a juicy piece of fruit to become overly ripe. Finally, like when dealing with any pest, be sure to limit the amount of time that you have doors and windows open, as it is an easy and effective way for pests to come into your home.

If you come across a handful of fruit flies flying around the fruit bowl, you can try some of the over-the-counter remedies out there but be warned that some of them may not be enough to deal with your fruit fly problem.  Yet, know that you can always turn to us to take care of your pest problems in a jiffy.

Did you know that fruit flies are some of the leading subjects out there for genetic research?  Believe it or not, this critter has about 14,000 genes, whereas humans have about 24,000 genes. Given this, and the rapid rate at which they reproduce, fruit flies make for a perfect subject to study genetic evolution, alongside modeling human diseases.  Who knew that such a small and annoying pest could help out science so much?

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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