Wacky Pest Wednesday: Dragonflies

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Another happy Wednesday to all you Tri-County Pest Control fans out there, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  Please join us today, as we cover a pest that you are bound to see as the weather gets warmer: the dragonfly!

They certainly look menacing, but we can assure you that the dragonfly is nothing to worry about.  Sure, they do have some big eyes, a weird looking body, and an almost fearless aptitude to fly right around your face, but despite all of this, they are one of the most beneficial insects out there.  Thanks to their insatiable appetite for mosquitoes, dragonflies do a wonder to control the pest population—to the tune of eating 30 to hundreds of mosquitoes per day. Now, talk about an eating spree!

Did you know that, according to scientific evidence, the dragonfly is one of the first winged insects to evolve?  However, the dragonflies of the modern age look quite different from their ancestors of over 300 million years, which is most evident in their wingspan.  Today’s dragonflies have a wingspan of around 2-5 inches, yet fossils of prehistoric dragonflies have a wingspan of 2 feet! Talk about a scary looking critter!

In summation, you shouldn’t expect the dragonfly to be much of a threat to you and your family—despite their large teeth, their chompers are not strong enough to break human skin.  However, their buzzing can be a bit annoying, especially on humid days and if they are able to get inside your house. Should that happen, feel free to give us a call—we’ll be there in no time to get the critter out, and send it on its way toward a lovely mosquito feast.

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