Wacky Pest Wednesday: Crickets

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Happy Wednesday, Tri-County Pest Control fans!  For our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday, we’re covering a very loud, and sometimes obnoxious pest: the cricket.

Crickets may be some of the loudest pests that you will encounter this summer (other than the cicada), but believe it or not, these critters are absolutely harmless.  Besides causing you to jump out of your skin when you see one, crickets are by no means a threat to you and your family.

Often heard and not seen, crickets can, however, become quite the nuisance if one is camped out in your home late at night.  The loud, constant chirping is sure to keep family members awake.  If you do happen to find the critter, best to act fast, because their powerful legs will propel them great distances if threatened.

While their chirping may cause a few headaches, you can use it as a helpful tool when trying to figure out the temperature.  Count how many chirps the cricket gives off in a 14 second interval, and then a
dd 40 to it.  After all the math, you’ll have the temperature, in Fahrenheit, of wherever you are.

Some cultures even fry crickets as a tasty snack, with the biggest consumer of crickets being China.

You may not want to indulge in fried crickets, but you do want peace of mind when it comes to pests in your home.  If you feel that your home is being overrun by pests, give us a call, and we’ll restore sanctity to your home.

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