Wacky Pest Wednesday: Cockroaches

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Happy Wednesday to all of you Tri-County Pest Control fans, and welcome to our latest edition of Wacky Pest Wednesday!  Please join us today as we cover a rather infamous pest out there: the cockroach!

When you think of pests, the cockroach often comes to mind, and for good reason.  Cockroaches are rather pesky, and they can withstand a whole lot (even radioactive fallout, which you can read more about in an article we wrote two months ago here: Debunking the Cockroach Myth). Not only that, but they are pretty dirty critters, and they can serve as vectors for many different types of microbes which can be harmful to your health.

Did you know that a cockroach can survive for an entire week without its head?  Thanks to its open circulatory system which allows them to breathe out of every hole in their body, they have no reason for a head, and thus can survive without it.  If that fact alone does not make this pest a wacky one, well, we don’t know what would!

Cockroaches can sure be nasty, but you can prevent them with some simple chores.  For example, make sure that you clean up after dinner and store any leftovers in airtight containers, as food is one of the most common reasons why cockroaches invade in the first place.  In addition, keep leaks to a minimum, and clean regularly!

However, there are some smart roaches out there that can get around even those measures.  When that happens, know that you can always count on the professionals at Tri-County Pest Control to help you out!

Enjoy your Wednesday!


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