Tri-County’s suggestions for keeping bugs at bay for your Labor Day

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With Labor Day, the unofficial end of the summer season, marching closer (just one week away – ack!), we know that families, friends and communities will be gathering for picnics, barbecues, and more in their backyards, parks, or other open spaces.

What we also know is this – when enjoying a meal ‘al fresco’ or outside – pests could potentially be on your uninvited list. The most likely suspects … ants and flies … which are keen to both colors and scents – as well as bees.

We know these bugs (hey, they’re called that for a reason) will stop at nothing to ruin your party or festivities, so we’ve offered up a few ideas to keep your Labor Day fun and pest free!

Take Preventative Measures:

Never, ever leave unwrapped or uncontained food or condiments unattended at your outdoor serving, buffet or picnic table. You will have flies thinking they’ve struck gold, ants will be marching in formation and bees will be swarming up a storm! Don’t give bugs an opportunity to even catch on to your barbecue by keeping all of your food in easy re-sealable, covered plastic containers. Open when you’re ready to serve and close when course serving is complete. Don’t even count on tin foil or plastic wrap. Why? They are NOT air tight and remember – pests will stop at nothing to get what they want! Bugs are keen to anything sweet smelling – so keep anything such as fruit, candy, or sweet beverages at bay. Only bring outside what you need at the moment and then return indoors with the part of the meal that you’re finished with.

Be Aware of Your Environment:

While it may seem obvious, choosing where to have your holiday picnic can be just as, or even more important than, your menu items. Bodies of water – ponds, streams, lakes and even puddles, will invite the pest masses. While we agree that a lakeside park or designated picnic area is a beautiful backdrop for your gathering, it can also bring the bugs. One solution could be to enjoy your meal at an area of the park furthest from the water. This will keep unwanted gnats and mosquitoes at bay (or lake, as it were). Additionally, avoid putting your picnic blankets and packs anywhere near trash receptacles. If pests didn’t get first shot at your food, they will most likely be taking up on someone else’s seconds near trash cans. If you’re throwing a party at your house, have the trash in the garage, or inside, if at all possible.

Keep It Clean:

As simple as this sounds, this is probably the easiest solution to preventing pests at your party. Make sure you have plenty of paper towels and cleaning aids at the ready in the instance something gets spilled. And…clean it up immediately – before the bugs can catch the scent of what was let out. Also, if food happens to fall on the ground, never EVER leave it there. If you do, you’re simply a glutton for punishment. You will invite all types of pests this way. As soon as possible, pick up the food and discard of it FAR away from where you are eating. Far.

Invite the Tri-County Pest Control Team to Your Labor Day Party:

We are just kidding about this one. But, who are we to turn down a good burger or hot dog! Alas, we digress.

Remember these suggestions and you’re on your way to having an awesome, pest-free Holiday celebration. Enjoy!

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