Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: Turning down the cricket sounds

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Hi there everyone and welcome to our latest edition of a “Tri-County Pest Control Q&A”.

Today, we’re tackling one of your questions about crickets:

Question: What is the most effective way to keep crickets and their “singing” at bay?

Answer: Here at Tri-County, we have found that the best way to prevent crickets from taking over your home is to reduce the amount of moisture both on the perimeter, as well as within your home.

Keep your landscaping neat and clean and make sure you keep any firewood clear from your home structure. Additionally, make sure the ventilation in areas such as your basement, attic, or crawl space is more than sufficient.

We also recommend changing any outdoor lighting you have to some perhaps less attractive yellow bulbs.

We hope our tips help you to solve for the crickets, and what can be the annoying sounds that accompany them.


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