Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: Products and Pets

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Hello everyone and welcome to our latest edition of a”Tri-County Q&A”. Today, we’re answering a few questions about the products we use and if they affect children or pets.

Are the treatments we use at Tri-County harmful to children or pets?

All products used in our treatments are EPA registered, and when used according to the label pose little to no risk. Furthermore, all products selected for indoor use by our company fall into the caution category, which is the EPA’s lowest risk category.

Will other animals (dogs, cats, and deer) be harmed as a result of your service?

All pest management personnel are highly trained and licensed to use products in strict accordance with the label. When used according to the label by highly trained professionals, these products have no effect on non-target animals.

Thanks for checking in. Please stop back next week for our next Q&A session. Have a great day!

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