Tri-County Pest Control Q&A: The Earwig

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Hi everyone and welcome to our latest edition of “Tri-County Pest Control Q&A” The Earwig”. We are tackling this ‘occasional invader” because of their penchant for mating during the Fall and Winter months, and our customers are most likely to find them in their homes during these times of the year.

How did the Earwig get its uncommon name? The name is derived from a old wives’ tale that the bug burrowed itself into the brains of humans and lay their eggs there.

What is an Earwig’s life cycle: The earwig goes through several stages of metamorphosis, developing through four-to-six stages. They typically live for one year.

Where do we find Earwigs? The Earwig is a nocturnal creature and often hide in small, moist spaces during the day and are then active at night.

What do they eat? Earwigs are omnivores, and will eat different insects and plants. Damage to foliage, flowers, and various crops is commonly blamed on Earwigs.

If you come across an infestation of Earwigs in your home or find them ruining your plants and foilage, don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our technicians will be out to eradicate them!

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