Tri-County Pest Control FAQ: Using chemicals

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Hi folks and welcome to our latest Tri-County Pest Control Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s). We have received many questions from our current and potential clients on a host of topics. Today, we are going to focus on the use of chemicals during our pest remediation treatments.

Q. Are chemicals the only solution to my pest problem? Are they a health Risk?

A. Chemicals are very rarely the only solution and can pose a health risk if not used properly. This is why it is essential to only deal with licensed, qualified professionals. Pesticide may be a part of the solution, but the objective is to achieve control with minimum risk or hazard to the customer and the environment.

Q. Will my house smell after the treatment?

A. In most cases, there is little to no smell associated with the service.

We hope this sessions helps with some of your questions. Please check back next week for another edition of Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you!

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