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Pests can be all around you, even when you leave your home for a weekend!  Contrary to popular belief, pests don’t just live in the wild, waiting for an opportunity to get inside of your home.  Instead, they can be found in high-volume places, such as public transportation, lurking around to latch onto an unsuspecting victim.  Whether you plan on taking a bus, train, or plane to your next destination, there are some things that you should look out for to keep you and your family pest free!

Out of all the pests waiting for you on public transportation, bedbugs are the most common.  These pests move quick, and can squeeze into the smallest of spaces, including a zippered bag.  However, preventing bedbugs on mass-transportation is actually pretty easy when breaking it down to brass tacks, and can be done with a few choices you make when you travel!

Bedbugs love upholstered seats, as they can sneak their way into the fabric and lie in wait, all without you knowing.  This being said, try to avoid upholstered seats where you can, like on buses, trains, and subways.  Opt for plastic seats instead, or even leather—anything but upholstered.

However, on airplanes, there are limited options as far as seat-type goes.  So, to counter this, you could wrap your seat in a plastic covering for the duration of the flight.  Another easy method is to bring your own blanket and pillow, and not to rely on the airline’s set.  Bedbugs thrive in shared materials, and pillows and blankets are right up that alley.  Do yourself a favor and pass up on the offer.

At the end of the day, no matter what you choose to travel with, be sure to wash all of your clothes on hot water when you get to your destination.  By doing this, you will kill any bedbugs or bedbug eggs left over from your trip, effectively ensuring the safety of you and your family.  Besides, after a week-long vacation, or a week-long escapade visiting grandma, you’ll sure want to have yourself a clean set of clothes.

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