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Next to a nasty sunburn and food poisoning, finding an abnormally large spider in your car while driving is one of the worst things that can happen this summer.  However, your family road trip doesn’t need to be thrown off course by these eight-legged critters if you can prevent one in the first place.  Join us today, as we go over a few simple things you can do to keep spiders out of your car!

Spiders, like in your home, are attracted to warm shelters, and love to nestle in cluttered places, as it is less likely that they will be disturbed there.  Also, being the contortionists they are, they are akin to hole up in tight spaces, like in between the cracks in your sideview mirrors or the little space between your windshield and the wipers.  Knowing where they want to hide, it’ll be easier to keep them out for good.

Park Smart

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out, but spiders have a much better chance climbing into a parked car than a moving car.  Therefore, be sure to park smart—away from shrubs, and don’t leave your car under a tree at night.  In addition, when at the grocery store or gas station, keep your windows rolled up all the way.  Yes, we know that it’ll turn your car into an oven in this hot August weather, but it is a small price to pay to make sure the spiders stay out.

Clean the Clutter

As mentioned before, a spider’s best living accommodation is not a three-star hotel, but rather an undisturbed pile of clutter.  Paper, boxes, or food scraps, it is all the same to the eight-legged critter, as they can hide away without you ever knowing (they’re called a “brown recluse,” after all).  Do yourself a favor and keep clutter in your car to a bare minimum.  Try to make it a point to clean out your car once a month, as to keep the spiders at a minimum.  

Freshen Up

Everyone loves a fresh smelling car—except for spiders.  Pleasant scents like citrus fruits, mint, and vanilla smell lovely to us, but vile to the arachnids.  Use this to your advantage and invest in either scented air-fresheners, or create your own pest-repellant concoction of water and essential oils, and spray generously around your car.  Not only will you end up with a great smelling vehicle, but a spider-free one, as well.

Spiders are not fun, especially to the arachnophobe, but you only have to be a little bit smarter than they are to keep them out.  Stick to these steps, and the only thing you’ll have to worry about on your next road trip is where the nearest bathroom is.

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