Tips for a Pest-Free Holiday Season

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Well, Tri-County Pest Control fans, the turkey has had its holiday, Black Friday is over, and now it is time for the holiday season to get into full gear.  As the tradition goes, before fully getting into this season of joy and goodwill, you are going to want to make sure that the home is properly decorated.  Believe it or not, this activity provides tons of opportunities for pests to get into your home, all looking to put a damper on your holiday spirit.  Join us today as we give you tips on how to prevent a pest infestation while decorating for the holiday season!

From wreaths to nativity sets to menorahs, we all put them in the attic or basement and only pull them out when the season comes around.  However, this provides an easy shelter for rodents, roaches, and even bed bugs to exploit.  Bringing these boxes right into the living room to unpack can put your family at a risk of ans infestation, so do yourself a favor and bring the boxes outside to unpack.  While unpacking, be vigilant to look for signs of pest activity, including gnaw marks, droppings, and even a pest itself.  If any of these signs show up in your box, then there is good reason to believe that pests are lurking around, either in the box or in your home.

The best way to stop pests from popping up in your holiday decorations is determined by how you repack them at the end of the season.  Invest in some sturdy plastic boxes (with lids) and ditch the cardboard containers of yesteryear.  By doing this, you are ensuring that rodents will have a hard time getting into your decorations, making decorating next year that much easier.

Another easy way to prevent pests from ruining your holiday season experience is to remove firewood from the side of your home.  Whether you plan to roast chestnuts on an open fire or just relax with the family around a fire, storing the wood next to your home creates risk for pests such as termites, beetles, and even spiders to scurry into your home.  Place them at least 25 feet away from the siding of your home for the best protection.

Finally, in the midst of this wonderful yet hectic season, we encourage all of our friends and family to vacuum thoroughly and regularly, and to keep up on general cleaning.  With people coming in and out, and cookies and fruitcakes being made constantly provides several great opportunities for pests to find their way in.  Keeping up on regular cleaning reduces this chance of a full on infestation, and therefore protects you and your family during the season.

The holidays can arguably be the best time of the year, so don’t let pests ruin it for you.  Stick to these tips and give us a call to see how we can help you defend against pests of all shapes and sizes!

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