The Fall Pest Checklist – from Tri-County Pest Control

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Ah, Fall. With the new season comes cool nights, pumpkin spice, football and thoughts of crisp air and the scents of wood-burning fires.

Speaking of those cool nights, Autumn is also the time when pests will begin to forage for food and any shelter they can – as they start to migrate in from the same cool air we embrace this time of the year.

Therefore, our team at Tri-County Pest Control has put together a Fall checklist of items to take care of before you have a barrage of unwanted visitors taking liberties on the warmth and comfort of your home:

  • Seal up your home’s perimeter – Check for holes or cracks in screens that pests can easily travel through. Also keep an eye out for any holes that may lead under a porch or towards any basement area. We also recommend trimming back tree limbs and branches that may act as a “super highway” for any potential pests.
  • Clean the clutter from the garage or shed – Clutter in any storage space can easily double as a pest shelter. Do this before the weather gets truly cold and you won’t want to spend the time in the elements doing so.
  • Make sure to keep leaves raked and any firewood stored properly – Leaves piled high provides another safe spot for pests away from the elements. Additionally, be sure to stow firewood away from your home. Decaying wood can be very inviting for some pests.

The Fall season brings a big uptick in pest activity. You may experience rice, raccoons, squirrels and others. If you’re property is not shored up well, you will be inviting them to join you inside.

Bats and spiders are also frequent flyers in the Fall.

Due diligence should prevent any unwanted pests for the season. As an added layer of prevention and protection, we invite you to reach out to us for information regarding our maintenance plans.

Pests are waiting to enter. Make sure you’re protected in all ways so they can’t.


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